Fire + Smoke Damage

We help expedite your fire claim and maximize your settlement. When it comes to fire damage, even a small fire can cause serious property losses, not only from the fire itself, but also smoke, and water damages from extinguishing the fire. Fire losses result in property damages that are particularly difficult to indentify. The determination of these damages sometimes ways on an opinion. It takes more than just being an experienced adjuster to asses a fire loss - it takes an adjuster that is on your side!

Flood + Water Damage

We assist with loss from floods, storms, wind and water damage. Water damage from broken pipes, mechanical failure and floods are some of the most common type of property damage claims. The costs associated with reconstruction and remediation will usually be much higher than most anticipate. In some cases entitles you to alternate limits. There are many instances when the insurance company will not cover a water damage claim at all.

Appraisal Services

We offer property appraisal services for residential & commercial customers. Get an accurate appraisal from an independent appraiser back by the power of an attorney for your property damage claim. If you are the victim of being "short-changed' in your insurance claim give us a call.

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