Public Adjusters in Michigan

Publik is a public adjuster and appraisal service located in Michigan.
Our mission is to get business owners and homeowners the maximum property claim settlement they deserve. Whether it be a fire, smoke or flood claim we are here for you. We know the claims process is extremely difficult to understand and can be a financial nightmare for home and business owners. Our job as a public adjuster is to take that stress away from you and give you results and peace of mind. When the policyholder incurs a loss, we manage every detail of the claim to get the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.

We Work For You

It happens when you least expect it. You heard it happened to someone else. This time it actually happened to you. You have suffered a property loss and now you are required to deal with the insurance company at one of the most stressful times imaginable. Worse yet, you're finding out that the fine print in your policy appears complicated and only seems to protect the insurance company.
The adjuster sent by the insurance company works for them, his job is to minimizing the financial loss of his employer. Not us, we work for you to get you exactly what you deserve on your claim whether it be fire, smoke or water damage.
Our staff of public adjusters, accountants and attorneys work for you, not the insurance company. Since we take a small percentage from the proceeds its in our best interest to get as much as we possibly can from the insurance company for you. Our staff based in Clio, Michigan have the knowledge and experience to guide you through one of most complicated times in your life.

What We Do

We utilize our knowledge and expertise to evaluate your loss and all the policy conditions, requirements and time frames unique to your policy. We then prepare and defend the absolute best estimate that can be written encasing all of the damages to your structure and property. We thoroughly and accurately inventory your contents. Prevent cleaning companies from wasting your contents money by foolishly trying to clean items that are known to be uncleanable. Then accurately price and argue down any ridiculous depreciations the insurance company adjusters regularly use.
We collect, prepare and negotiate your additional living expenses throughout the entire process to achieve the maximum dollars back to you. In a sense, we step into your shoes, handling all aspects of your insurance claim.